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We Saw the Devil: E01 - The Toolbox Killers
November 19, 2019 01:35 PM PST
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For the first episode of We Saw the Devil, Lizz and Robin tell the story of The Toolbox Killers, Roy Norris and Lawrence Bittaker, serial killers who are known for abducting, torturing and murdering teenage girls in 1970s California.

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Check out the full transcript here: Read the transcript

The Shitshow E2: Ari Aster's HEREDITARY
November 17, 2019 02:08 PM PST
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Jaci is back! Jaci joins Robin in this two-part series where we discuss Ari Aster's HEREDITARY and MIDSOMMAR.

For this episode, we throw down and debate the merits of HEREDITARY, gush over Toni Collette, and talk about the subtle eggs that Aster likes to leave all throughout his films.

Episode 117: American Horror Story: 1984 (Lady in White) & A Review of MIDSOMMAR
November 05, 2019 03:46 AM PST
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DISCLAIMER: The audio of this particular show is a bit wonky at times. We are aware of the disparities and laspses in quality and are working to get it fixed.

American Horror Story: 1984 is finally nearing its end! We've all been a bit skeptical about where Murphy planned to take this season, but we got a glimpse in last week's episode, THE LADY IN WHITE. Lily Rabe returns as Mr. Jingles' disappointed-mother-turned-ghost, and we could not be more here for it. Dylan McDermott also returns as a murderous hitchhiker. Our resident AHS fanatic, Ian, joins us to break down this episode. We then do a deep-dive review of Midsommar, the incredible 2019 "breakup from Hell" film by Ari Aster, the movie which finally unseated Martyrs as being Robin's favorite film.

3:00 : AHS - Lady in White
32:00: Catch up with the Ladies of AllHorror
43:00 Midsommar

Episode 116: HALLOWEEN! AHS: 1984, Halloween true crime, myths, Florida crazies & THE BODY
October 30, 2019 05:01 AM PDT
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For this episode, it's a Halloween-a-palooza.

We start off discussing the newest (and also, episode #100) of American Horror Story: 1984. We then move to all things Halloween. We break down Halloween myths and legends. Razorblades in apples? Cyanide in Pixy Stix? Did this happen or is it just urban legend?

Then, it's onward to awful, true crime cases that happened on our beloved October 31st

We catch up with Florida crazies to see what they are up to on Halloween, and then finish it off with a review of Blumhouse Productions' HULU anthology series INTO THE DARK entry, THE BODY.

It's a full episode!

Episode Notes:
AHS: 4:00
30:00: Halloween Myths
44:00: Florida Crazies
58:00 Florida True Crime

Episode 115: ZOMBIES! Zombieland 2 & Addams Family reviews, Zombie News Prepper Food Bucket Taste Tests
October 24, 2019 04:08 AM PDT
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For this episode, we talk ALL THINGS ZOMBIES! We catch up with zombie news, give a brief overview of zombies in film, and review both Zombieland 2 and The Addams Family (2019)

Show Notes:
0:00 Intro/Weekly Catch-up
21:00 Zombie News
31:00: Prepper Food Buckets
36:00: Zombies in Film
56:00 Zombieland 2: Double Tap Discussion and Review
1:09: Addams Family Discussion and Review

Episode 114: Jessica Cameron (SONG OF SOLOMON, TRUTH OR DARE)
October 21, 2019 05:01 AM PDT
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Jessica Cameron is officially our favorite guest, and wins the title for Top Person We Want to Have a Beer With. She was gracious enough to give us a couple hours of her time to discuss anything and everything under the sun. We talked about our favorite films, gore, overused tropes/methods in horror film, being a woman in the industry post-Weinstein, Jeepers Creepers and so much more. Robin gushes all over Jessica's performance as a possessed young woman in Stephen Biro's SONG OF SOLOMON, and we get to the bottom of the magic behind that crazy organ-regurgitation scene.  Jessica also updates everyone on the status of her current projects.  

Episode 113: AHS 1984: Episode 5 Discussion, A Weird Netherlands Prepper Story, A review of Child's Play, Bride of Chucky & Creepy Dolls
October 18, 2019 02:11 PM PDT
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For this episode, we deep-dive on the INSANE mid-season episode of AHS: 1984. We then discuss the curious new case of the weird Netherlands preppers, follow up with a review of the new Child's Play, and then discuss selling haunted shit on eBay.

Episode 112: An Orphan Update, AHS: 1984 episode Discussion, A review of "Winchester"
October 09, 2019 12:27 PM PDT
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For this episode, we give an update on the 14/16/20/30 year-old orphan. Her Ukrainian mother has now come forward! The plot thickens. We also deep-dive into the new episode of American Horror Story: 1984, and finish up with a review of WINCHESTER.

Episode 111: Interview with HARPOON Director Rob Grant
October 04, 2019 05:05 AM PDT
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Rob Grant carved out some time from his insanely busy film festival schedule to discuss HARPOON, the insanely funny black comedy that GQ Magazine calls "One of the best horror movies of 2019."

They aren't wrong. Rob is pretty much our new favorite person in the world, and in our eyes, he can do no wrong.

For this episode, we discuss all things HARPOON, as well as touch upon Rob's other past releases, MON AMI and FAKE BLOOD.

Episode 110: AHS 1984-Episode 2 Discussion, Halloween Plans
October 02, 2019 12:43 PM PDT
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Ian joins us again to discuss the second episode of American Horror Story: 1984.

Were our theories from last week right? Why does Richard Ramirez have beautiful teeth?

Also, we discuss our Halloween plans, our favorite candies, and gush over Rob Grant's "HARPOON"

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